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Download API Document
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API is short for Application Programming Interface. Whether your web servers use PHP, Java, .NET or any other application environment, mNatives SMS API allows you to easily integrate short messaging services into your system and communicate with our mNatives SMS Gateway

The API can be used either in the form of an HTTP Post or GET Request (via URL). POST is recommended over GET due to size limitations in the latter. API communication to our server can be either done on port 80 using the HTTP protocol or on port 443 in order to use the more secure HTTPS protocol. All parameters and values must be URL-encoded and the parameter names are case-sensitive.

mNatives provides all users with free access to HTTP/S SMS API. You can connect to mNatives Bulk SMS Gateway using our HTTP/S SMS API. mNatatives Bulk SMS Gateway API allows application developers to send text messages to more than 800 global mobile networks.

You can integrate bulk SMS messaging services into your applications, websites, and software and back-office custom application with our HTTP SMS API. It’s quick and easy to integrate.

HTTP/S provides just about the simplest way of programming your connection to mNatives, and if you need to vanquish a firewall problem, HTTP/S is certainly the best solution.

What you can do when you connect via HTTP/S:

  • Like all our APIs, the HTTP/S connection supports text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging
  • It gives you support for extended length Long messages.
  • Delivery acknowledgement and sender ID can be set up.
  • mNatives provides you two methods for getting delivery reports:
    • You have an HTTP API with which you can fetch the delivery status for a specific mobile number
    • o We configure the URL provided by you at the mNative platform and provide the dlr as an when received
  • You can set up batch sending and two-way messaging.
  • You can also upload an excel sheet with mNatives HTTP SMS API.
  • mNatives also offers HTTP support for getting the available credit information.